4-H Youth Win at District 4-H Presentations Contest

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On Friday, June 21, 2019, Rockingham County 4-H youth competed at the North Central 4-H District Activity Day in Orange County. Rockingham County 4-H was among youth that were from the 19 surrounding counties in the district. The top competitors in each category get to move onto the NC State 4-H Presentations Contest in July in Raleigh. Rockingham County had twelve presenters with five of them being a first-time presenter at District Activity Day which is a big accomplishment! All of our 4-H’ers gave very professional presentations and we are proud of them all. The participants were Laura Sheets, Ansley Garris, Sarah Sheets, Caroline Ray, Alice Holmes, Keynon Settle, Leah Lovelace, McKayla Doom, Sarah Farlee, Katelyn Hewitt, Patrick Winchester, and Levi Corriher.

Rockingham County 4-H’ers’ results were as follows; Ansley won gold in Horse Presentations, Laura won gold and Sarah Sheets won silver in Horse Public Speaking, Caroline won gold in Small and Companion Animals, Alice won gold and Keynon won silver in Foods and Nutrition, Leah won gold in Safety, McKayla won gold in Public Speaking, Sarah Farlee won gold in Livestock and Dairy Production, Katelyn Hewitt won gold and Patrick won bronze in Arts and Communication, Levi won gold in Forestry and Wildlife.

We have 11 4-H’ers who qualified for the NC State 4-H Presentations contest and will compete on July 20 in Raleigh.

There was also a district talent show at the event. Keynon Settle read a poem that he wrote and Caroline Ray performed a dance solo. Leah Lovelace participated in the District 4-H Fashion Revue. Leah made a beautiful mitten scarf that she modeled and was judged on her sewing skills.

We are so very proud of all of our Rockingham County 4-H’ers! Congratulations to all of our 4-H youth, you made Rockingham County proud!!

For more information about 4-H in Rockingham County contact Morgan Maness, 4-H Agent at 336-342-8230 or mcmaness@ncsu.edu.

Image of contest winners