Congratulations 4-H Presenters and Talent Acts!

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We want to congratulate all of our 4-Her for a great week of 4-H presentations and talent! Due to social distancing, it was definitely a different was of doing it through Zoom and video, but we got it done. Here are our placings on the county level. All of our youth qualified to go onto the district level.

1st – Ansley Garris – 8-10 Livestock & Dairy Production

2nd – Gwyneth Whitfield – 8-10 Livestock & Dairy Prod

1st – Addison Farris – 11-13 Livestock & Dairy Production

1st – Brayana McGhee – 8-10 Fisheries & Aquatics

1st – Dillon Whitfield – 14-18 Foods & Nutrition

1st – Keynon Settle – 14-18 Public Speaking

Our Awesome Cloverbud Participants

Autumn Whitfield – Livestock & Dairy Production

Ryan Clabeaux – Safety

Addison Garris – Small & Companion Animals

Our Very Talented 4-Hers who did performing talents acts and the results.

1st – Caroline Ray – Junior – Dance

2nd – Leah Lovelace – Junior – Poetry

Our talented Cloverbud Participants

Landon Cayton – Dance

Ryan Clabeaux – Duck Calls

Thanks to each of our 4-Hers and parents for working extra hard this year to make presentations and talents happen! Congratulations to everyone.

For more information about 4-H presentations or the 4-H talent show, please contact Morgan Maness, 4-H Agent at 336-342-8230 or

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