Tiger Swallowtail Pollinating King Blossoms

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Apple trees are blooming heavily now in Rockingham County. Every fruiting spur on an apple tree produces a cluster of six pink buds. There are five buds around the center King Blossom that opens first. Most apple blossoms are white. In some varieties, the King Blossom grows to the largest fruit. Due to the warm weather, the apple bloom season is going quickly some from pink to full bloom in 3 days. Pollinators like the Tiger swallowtail butterflies and bees are working hard in the orchards. If all the blooms on the apple trees form fruit thinning will be very important. Only one fruit per cluster should be left, many people select the King Blossom apple. Apple fruit should be thinned to improve fruit quality at harvest and enable the tree to support the fruit weight.Image of Tiger Swallowtail