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Cover photo for Plantain - Weed ID Wednesday

Plantain - Weed ID Wednesday

Plantain can be found across pastures, hayfields, yards, and even turf. You may recognize it from it’s long stem …

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

The Small Business Administration has released the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application, which provides more specific guidance on those funds …

Cover photo for Dogfennel - Weed ID Wednesday

Dogfennel - Weed ID Wednesday

Have you scouted any of your pastures or hayfields yet? If you haven’t, this week’s weed is the perfect …

Virtual Dairy Youth Activities!

Many of our dairy youth activities were canceled this spring because of issues related to Coronavirus and COVID-19. But, …

Cover photo for Thistle - Weed ID

Thistle - Weed ID

Thistle is hard to miss with it’s large growth pattern and aggressive spines. It will bloom in it’s second …

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Figure 1. Traveling gun irrigation system.

Reducing Drift and Odor with Wastewater Application

This publication addresses application techniques that affect drift and odor problems associated with wastewater application, …

2 weeks agoSoilFacts
Photo of spreader truck discharging litter onto field

Guidelines for the Commercial Application of Poultry Litter

A summary of North Carolina rules and regulations governing the purchasing, handling, application and reporting …

2 weeks agoSoilFacts
Asian longhorned tick

Asian Longhorned Tick

The Asian longhorned tick is an invasive tick spreading throughout the eastern US. A native …

2 weeks ago

Controlling Sore Mouth in Meat Goats

This publication offers information on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of sore mouth, a contagious, …

3 weeks agoAnimal Science Facts

Breeds and Production Traits of Meat Goats

This publication covers the characteristics and production traits (adaptability, reproductive rate, growth rate, carcass characteristics) …

3 weeks agoAnimal Science Facts

Preparing Meat Goats for the Breeding Season

This publication offers information on how to prep does and bucks for the meat goat …

3 weeks agoAnimal Science Facts

Heat Detection and Breeding in Meat Goats

This publication covers the signs of heat in does and some basic information on breeding …

3 weeks agoAnimal Science Facts

Basic Meat Goat Facts

This factsheet gives at-a-glance information on a variety of meat goat facts, including reproductive aspects, …

3 weeks agoAnimal Science Facts