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Extension and research at NC State address timely issues impacting our state. Extension delivers trusted information directly into the hands of farmers and agribusinesses, helping them translate knowledge into solutions that grow our economy and communities.

Cover photo for Marestail - Weed ID Wednesday

Marestail - Weed ID Wednesday

Marestail, also known as horseweed, is a common occurrence across pastures, haylands, and row crop fields. It can be …

Cover photo for Vetch - Weed ID Wednesday

Vetch - Weed ID Wednesday

Vetch can be both useful and concerning, depending on how much and where it is growing. It has a …

Cover photo for Plantain - Weed ID Wednesday

Plantain - Weed ID Wednesday

Plantain can be found across pastures, hayfields, yards, and even turf. You may recognize it from it’s long stem …

Cover photo for Dogfennel - Weed ID Wednesday

Dogfennel - Weed ID Wednesday

Have you scouted any of your pastures or hayfields yet? If you haven’t, this week’s weed is the perfect …

Cover photo for Thistle - Weed ID

Thistle - Weed ID

Thistle is hard to miss with it’s large growth pattern and aggressive spines. It will bloom in it’s second …

Cover photo for Milkweed- Weed ID Wednesday

Milkweed- Weed ID Wednesday

If you have been out walking your pastures or hayfields lately, you may have come across some actively growing …

Cover photo for Buttercup - Weed ID Wednesday

Buttercup - Weed ID Wednesday

Are your pastures filled with pretty little yellow flowers right now? While there are different kinds of this weed …

Cover photo for Pasture Management Webinar Series

Pasture Management Webinar Series

Please see the following information on a webinar series being offered on pasture management! This is a great time …

Recent Publications related to Agriculture & Food

Conserving Working Lands: A Land Legacy Workbook with Tools and Resources to Guide Your Conservation Planning Journey

Your land is valuable to you and your family. Protection and successful transition begins with …

2 days ago
Bar graphs comparing N plus P results with N only

Starter Phosphorus Fertilizer and Additives in North Carolina Soils: Use, Placement, and Plant Response

Phosphorus (P) is the second most important nutrient in crop production but is often found …

2 days agoSoilFacts

Conducting a Bioassay For Herbicide Residues

General guidelines on how to conduct a bioassay for herbicide residues in soil.

1 week ago
Two spotted spider mites

Spider Mites in North Carolina Grapes

Two-spotted spider mites are a common pest of North Carolina grapes. This factsheet discusses the …

2 weeks ago
Photo of collard greens leaves.

Collard Greens

This series of publications provides information about how to grow, harvest, and prepare a variety …

2 weeks agoGrow It, Eat It
Photo of kale plants


This series of publications provides information about how to grow, harvest, and prepare a variety …

2 weeks agoGrow It, Eat It
Moth resting on cloth

Green Cloverworm in Soybean

This Soybean Insect Factsheet describes the biology, identification, and control of green cloverworm in soybeans …

Peanut Disease Management

This publication, chapter 6 of the 2020 Peanut Information handbook, provides details on how to …

2 weeks ago