Common Ragweed – Weed ID Wednesday

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Common Ragweed is a summer annual plant that prefers full sun, can grow to around 3-foot tall, and branches off of itself often. It has a hairy stem that can vary from green to light pinkish red.

Ragweed often makes more of an appearance the year after a more dry growing season, especially if the following spring and into summer has timely rains. Which is comparable to what we have seen in our area over the last year. So you may be seeing a heavier presence of ragweed than usual this year.

It is important to note that Ragweed prefers a full sun growing environment, as this is what we can most use to our advantage to control it. Ragweed is usually found in areas that may have been overgrazed or where grass may not be thriving. The less grass that is present, the more sunlight that the Ragweed has available to it.

While it may be too late to spray Ragweed this year in a cost-effective way, it can be mowed before it goes to seed. Research shows that top growth and seed production is suppressed if mowed at a proper time! This combined with encouraging grass growth with proper lime and fertilizer and practicing good grazing management, should cut back on the Ragweed in your pastures!

Don’t forget to take a soil sample for an accurate lime and fertilizer recommendation and scout your pastures for weeds.

Common ragweed

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Posted on Aug 26, 2020
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